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reaching out to another republican leader after his negotiations with house speaker john boehner did not result in a deal. >> well, traffic don't in downtown san francisco could grind to a halt. that's because today is the last scheduled critical mass event for the year. for those new to the area, on the last friday of every month, dozens of cyclists ride alightning the waterfront and down market street and drivers are always advised to expect delays. >> peeking of, we haven't really seen any this morning. let's go to tara and see if that changed. >> no, the same story. maybe a lot of folks headed up to the tahoe area. maybe they already left as a matter of fact because the skiing is going to be pretty good up there. right now i want to show you my maps so you can see exactly what i'm talking about up here. the roadways are completely clear and in livermore the same story. overall a very nice commute this morning. 237, those taillights there on the far right hand side of your screen westbound and this is one-on-one toward san francisco. on the left toward downtown where we haven't se
boehner says they would take up a proposed senate bill and either pass it or amend it and send it back to the senate for approval. there's now less than 13 hours for both parties to find compromise or vote on a deal or else the country will go over the fiscal cliff. >>> there is a new dairy cliff bill. leaders in the house and senate agriculture committees agree to a one-year extension of the expiring farm bill. so far, no house vote is scheduled. if this bill is not passed, the price of milk could double next month. some estimate that a gallon of milk could go up to $8 a gallon. >>> 8:16. today, a second volunteer firefighter who was shot and killed in upstate new york will be laid to rest. [bagpipes] >> yesterday, hundreds of police officers paid their respects to michael chippairini. investigators say he and tomasz were shot after someone shom them responding a fire. >>> a car crashed into a funeral home at the wyemoth funeral brothers. it was just about a funeral was about to get underway. police say it appears two teens were racing when they lost control and crashed their car into
. house speaker john boehner plan to vote on this deal or an amended version of it sometime today or tomorrow. live in washington, d.c., kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 8:16. we have new details about a petaluma house fire on sunday where the flames shot several feet into the air. now we're learning that an off- duty firefighter saw the smoke on sunday, went to the house on tampico court and told the people who lived there to get out. two children and an adult were able to get out safely. the fire caused about $00,000 damage. the cause of it is still under investigation. >>> well, you the public you are invited to a meeting next week about closing down a shell avenue fire station in martinez. contra costa fire district officials say people who live in the area will be able to say how they feel about it, also get information on how the closure will affect fire services in the area. county supervisors voted to close town four fire stations last month after voters rejected measure q which would have imposed a property tax to raise about $17 little for fire stations. that meet
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3